Telephone Help Lines

Business and Commercial Legal Telephone Helplines

This is a 24-hour, 365 day a year telephone advice facility provided by Abbey Protection Group. It gives our clients unlimited access to professional legal advice, provided in-house by over 70 qualified, highly experienced consultants comprising of lawyers, barristers and solicitors.

The advice provides Commercial, Employment and Health and Safety Advice Line services to a wide range of companies and organisations in the full spectrum of industries, which exposes the consultants to a diverse range of queries and issues. We believe that this can only benefit future callers who may find themselves faced with similar issues and who will be pleased to know that there are answers out there that have worked for others.

Commercial advice

This covers areas such as:

  • Intellectual Property

  • Small Claims Court procedures

  • Business Tenancies

  • Debt Recovery

  • Dealing with complaint letters (asserting rights)

  • Dealing with Statutory Demands

Business people will recognise all of these areas as issues which, if not properly handled, can blow up out of all proportion and take up valuable management time and resources that can usually be better employed elsewhere. As with all good advice, callers will be given guidance that not only refers to the relevant legislation, but also includes practical advice and a good deal of common sense.

Employment advice

A business can contravene employment legislation long before an individual becomes an employee of the company. How many organisations have the systems in place to eradicate discrimination from the recruitment process? Do firms always take references and know how to do so?

Once the employee starts is there a proper induction programme? If you are not satisfied with the employee’s work, does the company have fair appraisal and disciplinary procedures?

As you will appreciate, employment legislation is a minefield and so you will find that there are no simple one-word answers. Be prepared to answer a few questions of your own before any advice is provided – if the advisors don’t fully understand the facts, then you could end up taking the wrong course of action.

Health & Safety

All businesses are required by law to undertake a full health and safety risk assessment of their premises and business procedures. In the event of accidents, the concern for the directors and owners of a business is not just that there might be a civil prosecution for compensation, but that there can also be criminal prosecutions resulting in fines and even imprisonment.

Calls are likely to cover the following matters:

  • Advice and guidance on undertaking Health & Safety assessments

  • Procedures in the workplace

  • New legislation

All the various advice calls are fully traceable on a computerised logging system so that if you have to come back for further advice, we can pick up from where we left off. However, best of all, the telephone advice is free!