“I have found the service provided by Clarkson, Cleaver and Bowes, to be excellent.  Sarah Clarkson has provided an efficient and professional service, offering sensible and timely business advice, as well as becoming a trusted colleague.  She has become a vital member of the team, acting as Finance Director and providing a full accountancy service.  It is a pleasure to work with her.”

 Ann (Business Client)

 “I thought all the hard work from your side, over the last few years, really paid off today in the decision process.  Your understanding of our business and being involved in the monthly Cash Flow Forecasts meant the information was readily available to make a fairly good rational decision on moving forward. “

 Andy   (Business Client)

 “It is great to have Helen on the end of the phone, to ring up and know that you will get a prompt response ….”

 Stephen  (Business Client)

 “Clarkson Cleaver & Bowes have helped us to develop financial systems which have successfully carried us through a period in which our business has doubled in size.”

 Jakki   (Business Client)

 “I have  found Clarkson Cleaver & Bowes to be thoroughly professional, well informed and very helpful with managing my accounts.”

 David  (Business Client)

 “We should meet for lunch ………………..It’s the least I can do after all the help you guys have given me over the years.”

  Natt     (Contractor client)

 “I would like to say how much I appreciate all the work you and your team have done for me.  You have been of immeasurable help and extremely generous with your time…………………many thanks again.”

Sophia   (Contractor Client)