About Us

Accountancy firms are dull and boring, right? Sadly that’s the way many business people see accountants but here at Clarkson Cleaver & Bowes Ltd it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sure, we deal with the aspects of your business that you might consider dull and boring – getting the numbers to stack up, taxation matters and business planning advice – but we do it with flair, dedication and a smile on our faces every minute of the day.

When you’re good at something you enjoy doing it and you try your very best. That’s what makes Clarkson Cleaver & Bowes Ltd stand out from the crowd of other accountancy firms you’ll have come across, and it shines through in everything we do.

Your benefits

When you work with us you get so much more than just accountancy services. Of course we help you make sense of your financial numbers but we provide you with so many more benefits as well.
Our finger’s always on the pulse of your financial needs whether you’re a small to medium sized company, a contractor or even an individual. And because we’re there every step of the way with you it means your business and taxation affairs remain in tip-top health

Think of us as your personal business trainer – but you don’t have to go to the financial gym every day of your working life. You see, getting your business into shape with Clarkson Cleaver & Bowes Ltd through a rigorous regime of business advice means you remain fighting fit without you even breaking into a sweat.
And because we’re with you long term – this isn’t a 100-yard dash – you can rest easy in the knowledge that we’ll spot the opportunities, help you achieve them and develop your business affairs to Olympic standards.

Our people

We wouldn’t be as good as we are without good people and your business wouldn’t be as good as it could be without Clarkson Cleaver & Bowes Ltd.

Everyone here loves what they do and it’s this passion for doing our best which shines through in our work for clients just like you. We want you to succeed in your business because we get a buzz out of seeing you grow and thrive with our help.

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What others say about us

You don’t have to take our word for the quality of our services – read some other words that our clients have recently written about us. We know we’re a winning team but it’s always nice to know our help and advice makes others winners too!

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